Luminous skin has never been so easy to achieve using CARENminerals.

Effortlessly brush on our Pure Earth Mineral Foundation for a soft and naturally glowing finish. This unique formula is perfect for every skin tone and contains only three minerals. The natural sun block in this formula offers a SPF 15, which protects skin and is perfect for the most sensitive complexions. Each mineral shade allows for sheer or beautifully buildable coverage and semi matte finish. Our high-quality pure mineral makeup is more pigmented than other brands, so we recommend using a fluffy face brush since a little of our makeup goes a long way.



  1. TAP out a thumb nail size amount of CARENminerals Foundation into the clear cap.
  2. SWIRL your brush in the cap until you have swept up all the powder into the brush. Tap off the excess and brush in a downward motion over your face. (Downward motion is used because pores and facial fuzz lay that way naturally. When smoothing makeup on in that direction, it makes for a more natural look.)
  3. Repeat these steps until you achieve the coverage you desire.

Tip: If you require a little extra coverage try pairing the CARENminerals Foundation with CARENminerals Beauty Balm.

Makeup Artist Trick: The CARENminerals Foundation can double as a concealer. Simply DIP your Concealer Brush into a small amount of your foundation and DOT directly onto trouble spots using the Concealer Brush. Then FEATHER the edges of the concealed spots to blend into the foundation.

Color Information:

Identifying your best foundation color with CARENMinerals: 

‘Cool’- Skin typically has detectable pink or rosy undertones. Look for hair color with hints of blue, silver, violet or ash undertones. Eye color shades vary from light blue, gray blue, grey green to cool brown.
-Celebrities with cool skin tones: Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore.

‘Warm’-Skin has yellow, golden or honey undertones. Hair color can range from orange, red, gold, or black. Eye color range will be green, hazel, amber or warm brown.
Note: Although Asian skin is typically classified as warm due to yellow undertones it can easily fall into the ‘cool’ pink and ‘neutral’ range due to ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ spectrums of color, i.e.: warm, warm to neutral, cool, cool to neutral, cool.
-Celebrities with warm skin tones: Julia Roberts, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie.

‘Neutral’ – Skin that is not dominated by warm or cool undertones. Both ‘Cool’ and ‘Warm’ shades can be complimentary to neutral skin types.

Complete Ingredient List: mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide.
CARENminerals Foundation Color Description:

Fair color range: ivory, pink or peachy skin that burns easily, prone to sensitive skin.
Fairest- for porcelain-to-light skin with pink or neutral undertones.
Fair- for fair skin with pink to neutral undertones.

Light color range: for light, pale skin with yellow/golden undertones. Skin burns easily, typically does not tan naturally.
Lightest- for lightest skin with yellow/gold undertones.
Light- for light skin with yellow/golden undertones.

Medium color range: for light to medium skin with neutral or pink undertones, typically tan easily.
Medium- light to medium skin with pink to neutral undertones.
Medium 2- medium skin with cool to neutral undertones

Medium to tan range: for colored skin with neutral or warm undertones.
Tan- for neutral to warm with rosey undertones.

Medium Dark to Dark skin types: darker skin with warm to neutral undertones.
Medium Dark- for medium skin with neutral or golden undertones.
Dark- for darker colored skin for warm to neutral with yellow-olive undertones.

Complete Ingredient List: mica, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide