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Delight: a soft light pink with just a touch of coral brightens and highlights without too much color. Compliments most all skin tones. Delightful and cheery, Delight blush is a hint of pink and coral. Add some color to your cheeks, brighten up your day with a smooth and luxurious mineral blush. Not only adding a youthful glow to your skin but adding natural beauty.

Glee: shimmering light peachy coral color complements neutral and warm tones. 

Envy: a pink berry that hints towards purple like a raspberry sorbet, gorgeous for the cool and olive complection. Be the envy of every girl in town with your CARENminerals Envy Blush. Sensual and bold, just a hint of mauve pink to add to your sassy evening look. Envy will leave your skin looking sleek and feeling soft.

Bloom: lovely light coral with pink undertones for the cool skin type.

Spice: our most vibrant color of deep coral, perfect for those with deeper coloring. Spice up your life with our Spice Blush. Hot off the press warm bronze tone for a cool, calm and collected lady. If you love a sun kissed look all year round, this is the perfect blush for you. With our gentle and silky formula of minerals, your skin will feel sensational.