CARENminerals Start-Up Kit

CARENminerals Start-up Kits are available in four skin tones: Light, Fair, Medium and Tan.

Each kit contains a half size each of CARENminerals Pure Earth Mineral Foundation, CARENminerals BB Multi-Beauty Balm, CARENminerals Bronzer, and a CARENminerals Powder Brush all enclosed in a clear makeup bag.

Experience the complete face experience with CARENminerals Start-Up Kits. Each kit contains exactly one half the full size product along with our exclusive Powder Brush. 

Get the famous CARENminerals Pure Earth Minerals glow with our introductory collection of Gluten and chemical-Free Foundation, Beauty Balm and Bronzer. We formulated our Beauty Balm to perform expertly with our foundation to give you a cleaner, younger-looking complexion both instantly and over time. CARENminerals Beauty Balm is an innovative new way to look great in the morning in just minutes. It's the new time saving trick in casual makeup. The results are incredible: Brighter, smoother, healthier-looking skin with a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and remarkably smaller-looking pores. A perfect way to start the day.