Chisel Blusher / Bronzer Brush

CARENminerals "Invesment Grade" makeup brushes are handmade in Glendale, NY USA out of the finest natural and synthetic fibers available. All are non-allergenic.

There are many brushes on the market, but most are not designed specifically for mineral makeup applications. Our brushes have been extensively tested with most brands of mineral makeup to insure a great application. Great tools insure great results! These are truly exceptional brushes that should last you many many years if cared for properly.
The sable, diamond-shaped brush creates four sides with which to pick up mineral powder. To evenly distribute powder, use each of the four sides to apply powder to different sections of the face. Use the tip of the chisel brush to. It is perfect for highlighting and applying blush and bronzer. For blush or bronzer application, use the slanted side to apply color from the middle of the cheekbone to the ear. Slanted in shape, the contour of the brush mimics the angles of your cheekbones. This is ideal for highlighting and shading with bronzer or a highlighting blush color. Use the chisel point to contour a sculpted finish for a defined and dramatic makeup. Made with fine, gentle fibres the brush is perfect for giving a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Sweep and blend along your cheekbone drawing the brush up into your hairline.