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Effortlessly brush on our Pure Earth Mineral Foundation for a soft and naturally glowing finish.

This unique formula is perfect for every skin tone and contains only three minerals.

The natural sun block in this formula offers a SPF 15, which protects skin and is perfect for the most sensitive complexions.

Each mineral shade allows for sheer or beautifully buildable coverage.

Fair color range: ivory, pink or peachy skin that burns easily, prone to sensitive skin.
       Fairest - for porcelain-to-light skin with pink or neutral undertones.
       Fair - for fair skin with pink to neutral undertones.

Light color range: for light, pale skin with yellow/golden undertones. Skin burns easily, typically does not tan naturally.
       Lightest - for lightest skin with yellow/gold undertones.
       Light - for light skin with yellow/golden undertones.

Medium color range: for light to medium skin with neutral or pink undertones, typically tan easily.
       Medium - light to medium skin with pink to neutral undertones.
       Medium 2 - medium skin with cool to neutral undertones

Medium to tan range: for colored skin with neutral or warm undertones.
       Tan - for neutral to warm with rosey undertones.

Medium Dark to Dark skin types: darker skin with warm to neutral undertones.
       Medium Dark - for medium skin with neutral or golden undertones.
       Dark - for darker colored skin for warm to neutral with yellow-olive undertones.