Pencil Shadow Brush

CARENminerals "Invesment Grade" makeup brushes are handmade in Glendale, NY USA out of the finest natural and synthetic fibers available. All are non-allergenic.

There are many brushes on the market, but most are not designed specifically for mineral makeup applications. Our brushes have been extensively tested with most brands of mineral makeup to insure a great application. Great tools insure great results! These are truly exceptional brushes that should last you many many years if cared for properly.
Our pointed shading brush is created for the application of eye shadow around the lash line when you want a soft focus blended effect. With this streamlined pencil shaped brush you’ll be able to create defined shading in the crease, lash-line with ease and precision. Used to smudge shadow under the lash line and to smudge liner on upper lid to avoid the harsh look. Also use it to define the outer V, the outside corner of the eye from outer lashline to crease. Or used to create a very strong crease line. For use in the smokey eye, applying dark color in the outside corner of the eye and/or in the crease of the eye.